Christian Pfeiffer welcomes the world

Representatives Conference 2019 in Beckum, Germany

Beckum. Christian Pfeiffer Maschinenfabrik GmbH. From May 6th to 8th 2019, Christian Pfeiffer welcomed 37 representatives from 30 countries for participating in the international conference. The conference was an excellent opportunity to introduce the new office building of Christian Pfeiffer and to network in order to realize an even closer collaboration for efficient processes in grinding and separation.


“The three-day conference was a great success with regards to the future alignment of the company”, said Managing Director, responsible for sales, Uwe Karsunke. Together with Managing Director Dietmar Freyhammer, responsible for technological development, they scheduled the program with the objective to network, train and discuss with the international agents.

The conference was part of the inauguration of the new extension of the Christian Pfeiffer building in Beckum. In addition to the high number of international agents, the area managers of the branch offices in Austria, USA, China, Malaysia and the new subsidiary of Christian Pfeiffer, WOGEMA, took part in the conference and networking activities. The organizers, Stefanie Niehaus and Deborah Kuenne, were pleased by the high resonance to the invitation. “We appreciated the opportunity to welcome so many agents from all over the globe”, said Stefanie Niehaus.

According to the motto “Efficient Processes”, the topics revolved around grinding and separation performance, compact grinding, wet grinding such as products and engineering services offered by WOGEMA. Besides grinding and separation, agglomeration is now also part of the company’s portfolio. A closer look on the international projects in Australia, Latin America, India, Japan, Russia and China was presented by the local experts. “It was important for us to present our global activities to our agents and provide them with new information about Christian Pfeiffer”, said Uwe Karsunke, Managing Director.

But providing information was not the only target of the conference. During the second day, the participants took part in different workshops and were able to give input and work collaboratively. Besides ‘efficient grinding and separation’ led by Tim Nowack and Frank Mischorr, Klaus Wögerbauer and Michael Mairhofer, Managing Directors of WOGEMA, demonstrated live how their agglomeration systems work. The process of agglomeration turns powdery products, like cement, into pellets. According to the product specifications, this process has to be technically adjusted to ensure the perfect result. Furthermore, the very current topic – use of alternative fuels – has been discussed within the workshop of Wolfgang Hammer, Managing Director of the Christian Pfeiffer subsidiary in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The use of alternative fuels affecting the economic footprint of a cement plant and is among the most discussed topics worldwide.  


The interactive morning workshops concluded with a live demonstration of the Christian Pfeiffer Grinding Ball 5-roller Sorting Machine by the Head of Technical Service, Wieslaw Krynicki. In the production hall of the Christian Pfeiffer area, the participants were able to see the machine in action. A live recording by a drone allowed all to witness the process from above. The live demonstration showed the advantages of the 5W9 Grinding Ball Sorting Machine and its potential for efficient sorting.

Another highlight was the exhibited model of the roller press. These machines are now part of the Christian Pfeiffer portfolio since approximately two years. An alternative way of efficient grinding, roller presses have already been installed successfully by Christian Pfeiffer several times since being part of the portfolio.


In addition to the technical topics, Marketing Manager Deborah Kuenne presented the marketing goals of Christian Pfeiffer for creating a common base of understanding regarding the market orientated positioning of the company.


On the third conference day, a group of 45 participants visited the current construction site and reference project at Spenner in Erwitte, Germany. Due to the fact that the plant is only a 30 minutes’ drive from Beckum, it is an excellent reference project and can also be shown to Christian Pfeiffer customers. The participants had the opportunity to see the installation in progress which will be finalized by the end of November 2019. The plant will have a production capacity of 75 t/h on high performance cement, CEM I 52,5R at < 5,000 m2/g. The supply of Christian Pfeiffer includes a ball mill of 4,4m diameter, a separator QDK-187-Z with 187,000Am³/h volume flow with filter installation and seven silos including civil engineering. After the informative plant tour, Dr. rer. nat. Heinrich Sievers, Technical Manager of Spenner, welcomed the visitors in the new building “Forum”. “We already have a Christian Pfeiffer mill which serves us since the fifties. Now we will run a second one. We appreciate to collaborate with Christian Pfeiffer as they are reliable and responsible partners.”, said Dr. Sievers. 

Mr. Karsunke and Mr. Freyhammer closed the conference by looking back on the last three years and offering a vision into the future of Christian Pfeiffer. “We are already on a good way and we still want to go further by extending our portfolio and discovering new markets. We want to be of the best service for our customers and develop Christian Pfeiffer in close collaboration with our global team.”, concluded Mr. Freyhammer. 



 “The new building of Christian Pfeiffer represents impressively the successful course of the company. I am looking forward to accompanying this way even further.”

Patrick Maurel, Managing Director P.M.G. Consultants, France.

“Congratulations to Christian Pfeiffer for the great event organized. It was fruitful to join to the Representatives Conference and following all the interesting presentations. I should also express my gratitude to all your people for the excellent welcome received.

Eustaquio García, Managing Director Kemia, S.L., Spain


Picture by Creativ Werbung