CSL lining (compact spiral lining)
For second grinding compartment or mono-chamber mills

The compact spiral lining is mostly used in mono-chamber mills, or mills with a long second grinding compartment. The large number of progressive activator plates means that the ball load is moved optimally. The plow plates increase the energy transfer once again, creating a certain moderate sorting effect for the grinding balls, which improves the grinding power inside the ball charge.

Technical details

  • Designed for mono-chamber mills and mills with a second grinding compartment
  • In comparison with conventional linings, there is a higher energy transfer per ton of grinding balls as a result of the balls being mixed: The periodic interruption of a pure rolling movement by the grinding balls through the plow plates improves the grinding effect of medium-sized particle sizes
  • Because of the spirally arranged plow plates for this lining version, a completely bolted mill cylinder is definitely required.
  • A combination of two types of lifter plates is possible, with wave liners or low lifter plates